Welcome to Liberty Akitas & Whippets
 We are Mike & Donna Bennett. We believe it IS possible to have it all... Correct breed structure, true breed type and outstanding temperaments. Keeping that in mind with each and every carefully planned breeding, has helped produce the dogs you'll meet on the following pages. Our dogs EXCEL in the show ring, on the field, on the track, on the course, on the dock as well as in the hearts and homes of those that are loved by them. We hope you enjoy our website and welcome you to visit often.

We are no longer breeding Akitas, although we are still actively involved with the breed. If you are looking for a well bred akita, we would be happy to help you find one. Please drop us a note.

About Us

Mike acquired his first Akita in 1979, with no intentions of ever showing, he just fell in love with the breed.  Just 10 years later, in 1989 he was hooked by the show bug and bought his first show dog.  Joto Soretsu Tora Inu. Joto finished his championship and Mike was hooked. Mike has continued since then with a selective but successful breeding program.
Donna’s love for dogs has been a life long passion. Her start in the show world began in obedience with, of all breeds, a basset hound. She fell in love with Akitas quite by accident but has never looked back. Her first Akita was a companion that she managed to single out.
They met, at where else, a dog show. Not only that but an Akita specialty. It took a little while for things to get rolling, but once we were off it was obvious it was right! We were married on July 6th, 2001 and the three of us became a family.  Mike, London, and I debated on which kennel name to use, we decided to come up with a completely new one… Liberty Akitas was born. It is our love of the American Akita that helped us decide the name. 
Mike and I consider ourselves very ethical breeders. We always have a goal in mind, and a plan to get there. All of our dogs are health screened. We place only what we feel is the best, to represent our kennel, in show homes. We believe it is possible to have it all…correct structure, true breed type, and great temperaments. London is a huge help in puppy socialization.  Mike and I are both involved in various clubs, including: American Whippet Club, Akita Club Of America, as well as local  Whippet, Akita clubs and Performace Clubs. We support a strict ACA Code Of Ethics.